Writing Back

An Interview with Shyamal Kumar Pramanik


  • Jaydeep Sarangi
  • Anurima Chanda




Shyamal Kumar Pramanik is an author on social and political values and an engaging writer of Dalit literature and movement. His works glitter with pain, angst and social good will. For him, writing is a commitment, social and political. Dalit literature is born out of ideological warfare. Pramanik is a socially committed artist with many works under his belt. All his works lead us to a better society based on justice, equality and fraternity.
His collection of Dalit poetry titled Aguner Bornomala was first published in 2000 in Bengali. In 2019, it was published in English as Fiery Garland of Letters translated by Kalyan Basu (Gangchil, Kolkata). This collection of poems is rich with military images to change the society for good. These are mainly protest poems, protest against the age-old stereotypes in the Bengali caste pyramid.
This interview was conducted via emails in the month of December 2019. We sat with the author a couple of times in a café in south Kolkata where we discussed his works and activism for the upliftment of the Dalits in Bengal.

Pramanik, Sarangi, Chanda