A Severed Text: Artist Carol Sommer discusses her responses to Iris Murdoch's Novels with Frances White

  • Frances White Kingston University and Chichester University
Keywords: Iris Murdoch, process art


Carol Sommer is an artist based in Darlington, UK with an interest in Process Art. She is engaged in a project using the works of novelist and philosopher Iris Murdoch in innovative ways. Her book Cartography for Girls: A-Z of Orientations Identified within the Novels of Iris Murdoch was published by Information as Material in 2016.
The following discussion of the relationship between textual process and subjectivity in her responses to the novels of iris Murdoch arose out of conversations that Carol and I have had over the years, and my deep interest in her philosophy and methodology which are so different from mainline Iris Murdoch scholarship. The interview was conducted by email in April 2017.

Author Biography

Frances White, Kingston University and Chichester University
Frances White is Assistant Director of the Centre for Iris Murdoch Studies, Chichester University and Assistant Editor of The Iris Murdoch Review,  Kingston University Press.